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The Bubbles
Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Cuvèe di Boj DOCG Brut
Valdo Spumanti  Valdobbiadene TV   Glera 
Deep straw yellow color with golden reflections, fine and persistent perlage.
Characteristic flowery aroma with pronounced fruitiness of pear and golden apple. Refined harmonious persistence of aroma and flavor.
€4.00 per glass
Rosè Spumante Brut Delai  Puegnago del garda BS    (Valtenesi)
Groppello-Barbera-Sangiovese Soft and bright pink color, fruity aroma on the nose with notes of strawberry and raspberry, fragrant hints of pastry, on the palate it is harmonious and velvety, with beautiful freshness and fruity notes, nice finish.
Franciacorta Berlucchi  Brut  DOCGCastelveder Monticelli Brusati BS
Bright straw yellow color, with fine and persistent bubbles, the nose offers memories of ripe fruit, verbena and fragrant tones. On the palate it is balanced with  well-bala
nced gustatory structure and gratifying persistence
Lugana Patricia brut DOC.  Pilandro San Martino BS
Turbiana or Trebbiano di Lugana
Straw yellow color, the nose is fruity and floral with notes of yeast with spicy and mineral sensations, in the mouth it is  dry with a delicate bubble  

Champagne Grand Cru Blanc de noir Leclapart Reims Pinot nero
Golden colour, complex bouquet on the nose, with strong notes of yeast and hints of flowers and spices,
on the palate the carbonation is fine, with beautiful freshness

Champagne Brut Cuveè Prestige Taittinger Reims Pinot nero-Chardonnay
Golden yellow in colour, the nose is fine and fruity, with aromas of ripe fruit and notes of white flowers
accompanied by sensations of yeast and bread crust, fresh and harmonious on the palate, with fine 
olfactory correspondence

 White Wines
Lugana Classico DOC Bulgarini Pozzolengo BS 
Turbiana or Trebbiano di Lugana 
Straw yellow color, with greenish reflections, fruity peach and apricot  Fresh and savory on the palate, good structure and persistence. 
€4.00 per glass
Lugana San Pietro DOC Pilander   San martino BS
Turbiana or Trebbiano di Lugana
Yellow color with greenish reflections, hints of ripe fruit, peaches and apples on the nose
with fresh notes of flowers and balsamic. Decisive on the palate, with a beautiful structure,
maintaining its freshness and elegance, nice savory and persistent finish.
Soave Classico  D.OC. Pieropan Soave VRBio
Garganega-Trebbiano di Soave 
Straw yellow color, intense nose with distinctive pear scent, fresh palate with hints of citrus and pineapple, delicate and harmonious finish. 
Netto Capriano del colleDOCSan Michele Capriano BS Bio
Seductive, with delicate and fragrant tones, notes of yellow fruit and a pleasant drinkability.
It expresses the synthesis between elegance and simplicity that we ask of our wines.

Curtefranca white DOC Ferghettina AdroBs
Chardonnay-Pinot Blanc
Straw yellow color, strong notes of white flowers on the nose, yes on the palate
expresses with remarkable sapidity.
Chardonnay DOC. South Tyrol . H Mon  Cornaiano BZ 
Sparkling straw yellow color, the nose perceives notes of exotic fruit  and lemon balm flowers, the palate is soft and harmonious, with a slight aroma of pear,  associated with hints of tropical exotic fruit, savory and mineral finish. 
Pinot Gris  D.OCSouth Tyrol .H Mon Cornaiano BZ
Pinot Gris 
Light golden yellow color, the aromas are complex on the nose with a vast range of fruit and flowers, elegant and refined, on the palate it is persuasive and pleasantly fresh and balanced, harmonious finish with a pleasant mineral note in the aftertaste.

Sauvignon Picol D.O.C Lis Neris Gorizia Sauvignon
Straw yellow in colour, the nose is intense, varietal, reminiscent of pepper elderflower, peach
and some tropical fruits. In the mouth it is dry, full-bodied with a good persistence, where it recalls
with a certain aromaticity the varietal origin
ermentino di Sardegna D.O.C Sidurra Luogosanto CA Vermentino
Brilliant straw colour, intense and persistent bouquet with floral vegetable, lime and citrus notes.
Warm and full on the palate, well-balanced with a nice taste persistence

  Red Wines 
(serving temperature 14 degrees) 

“Mogrì” Garda Bresciano GroppelloDOCSergio DelaiPuegnago d/g BS
Groppello Gentile-Barbera-Marzemino-Sangiovese
Pale ruby red, aromas of red fruit and spices, balanced.
In the mouth, right match, long finish.
€5.00 per glass
Sovenigo Benaco Bresciano IGT. Sergio Delai Puegnago del Garda BS
Beautiful nose  scents of red fruits and spices, warm and velvety in the mouth 
with good correspondence, good structure, with slight balsamic notes. 
AA Pinot NoirDOCTerlano wineryTerlan BZ
Pinot Noir 
Bright ruby red colour, fresh and captivating on the palate, with a beautiful spectrum  aromatic, from blackberry to blueberry, cherry and licorice with a light undergrowth note.   On the palate it is balanced, with fruity fullness and a beautiful elegant, mineral structure.
Curtefranca RedDOC. FerghettinaAdro BS
Cabernet Franc-Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot-Barbera-Nebbiolo
Intense ruby red color, aromas of wild berries and tobacco.
Wine of character without being excessive.
Merlot vineyard 70 years Pilandro  San Martino  BS
Intense ruby red color, fruity notes of small red berries and vanilla Soft, warm, elegantly balanced, long and harmonious finish.
 Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso DOC. Valpantena Fifth VR
Corvina Veronese-Rondinella 
Ruby red colour, the sweet and pulpy red fruit goes well with spices  sweet to leave room for notes of medicinal herbs and spices, full and satisfying.  Body of excellent structure, harmonious and soft, with a nice finish. 
Amarone della Valpolicella DOC. Pedemonte Germans of Valpollicella VR
Intense ruby red color, overripe red fruit on the nose, spicy notes, pepper and cloves, mineral hints and tobacco nuances. On the palate it is full, enveloping velvety, good body, but elegant and silky, balanced and harmonious. 
Lambrusco Terre Verdiane Sweet DOC. Cantine Chickpeas Torrile PR Lambrusco Maestri e Marani 
Fruity aroma of ripe berries and a dense and pleasant, sparkling flavour 
and full-bodied, persistent, sweet, fresh and enveloping.
Classico PeranoDOCGFrescobaldiGaiole SI  Sangiovese-Merlot
Intense ruby red color, fruity notes of small red berried fruits. Soft, warm, elegantly balanced, long and harmonious finish.
Montefalco SagrantinoDOCGchasing devili Montefalco PG 
Ruby red color with brick tips, a largely fruity and slightly spicy nose
on the palate the elegant, silky tannic texture is striking, underlined by a vibrant acidity.

Chianti Classico Perano Frescobaldi  Gaiole SI Sangiovese-Merlot
Intense ruby red colour, fruity notes of small red berries, soft, warm, elegantly balanced, long and harmonious finish.

 Brunello di Montalcino Castel Giocondo Montalcino SI Sangiovese Grosso
A ripe fruit, plum and blackberry emerges on the nose, with notes of violets, spices including black pepper, clove and nutmeg, with a leathery finish, dense and powerful on the palate with a beautiful tannic texture, fresh and persuasive, despite the great power
ucente Luce della vite Montalcino SI Merlot-Sangiovese
Intense purplish red colour, the nose is rich in fragrances of red fruit with pleasant balsamic and herbal hints, the palate is round and velvety with a fine, well-integrated texture and a long, persistent finish.
aromatic herbs, round and velvety palate with well-integrated texture, long and persistent finish

Nebbiolo Capisme-e D.O.C.G Clerico Moforte d'Alba CN
Garnet red colour, intense and deep. Aroma that envelops the nose with hints of sweet wood, vanilla and chocolate and buttery notes that give way to fruit, raspberry and cherry, elegant and sumptuous

Rosé wines

Pink Night Garda Bresciano Chiaretto DOC. Sergio Delai Puegnago del Garda BS
Pink color with violet reflections. Aromas of white and pink flowers with notes of red fruits. On the  palate it expresses itself fresh and savory, a wine that is easy to match, due to its multifaceted characteristics.

Dessert Wine 

Malvasia  Martinez Marsala TP
Fortified wine with a pleasantly sweet taste and aromas of dried fruit 
and raisins

Sparkling Moscato VSQ Incanti     Pavia
Golden straw yellow color, the nose is aromatic with a fine and persistent bouquet, delicate and fragrant, on the palate it is sweet and aromatic with a nice finish.

 Wines on tap
Still white Trevigianello11.5%  Vinicola bridge
1\4 liter  €3.50
1\2 liter €6.00
1 liter € 10.00  
Frivolino  sparkling white10.5%  Vinicola ponte 
1\4 liter  €3.50
1\2 liter €6.00
1 liter € 10.00  
Franzosi red11,5% Agricola Franzosi Puegnago 
​1\4 liter  €3.50
1\2 liter €6.00
1 liter € 10.00  

Wines by the glass 
 Classic Lugana DOC  Bulgarini €4.00
Sovenigo Benaco Bresciano IGT Delai  €5.00
Prosecco Superiore Brut DOCG  Bulgarini €4.00

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